The Garden Collective

What is The Garden Collective? It is a way of creating community around the food we eat. It is an opportunity to connect with the same soil that nourishes your food.  A return to old traditions with a new twist, and without the hefty cost of purchasing a farm or the burden of daily chores

May - October

Aroma Acres Abundance Program 2023

Connect with the land, with the community, and with the harvest. We believe nourishment happens not only from quality food but also through connection.

Included in the membership:

Abundance members join us for 8 hours per month.

farmer commitments

member commitments

member benefits

 Investment: Monthly Fee (regular share $111 or small $77) plus the season's required working hours per month. These hours can be split throughout the month as fits your schedule.  

 Note: Aroma Acres is not responsible for the outcome of the harvest, while we work as a team to provide a bountiful harvest we are not responsible for the loss of crops. 

Working Hours

As a member, you are welcome to come work on the farm, or nap under a shaded tree, anytime during daylight hours.
If you would like the opportunity to work alongside us we have a weekly harvest schedule and monthly work sessions.

Work as a Community

Harvest Night - Join us every Tuesday night, anytime between 5 and 7 pm, to harvest fresh produce for the weekly boxes. 

Working Session - One, sometimes two, Saturday mornings each month we work together as a community.

Community Workshops - We bring community experts to learn together!

Note: Working during these hours is entirely optional, you can complete your hours on your own schedule.