Farm Fresh Eggs


Farm-fresh free-range eggs are now available for purchase. 

Quantities are limited so reach out today.


We raise eggs for our family consumption, with high standards of practice. They are fed quality organic, non-GMO feed as well as the grass and bugs they find on the farm. They also get the leftovers from our microgreen production. The hens have access to natural light only and always have access to the outdoors! Happy hens mean delicious eggs!  You will find orange/yellow yolk inside, so nutritious!

Chickens are the hardest workers on the farm by far, they work sunrise to sunset scratching and creating nutrients to help regenerate the soil aka pooping.

We have multiple different breeds that produce different coloured eggs shells. It doesn't affect anything inside the egg, and there are no nutritional differences but we believe variety is a good thing. plus they are beautiful!

Washed? We only wash if necessary, which helps protect the natural bloom. The bloom helps keep the egg fresh for longer.

It's called a bloom, which is essentially a protective layer the hen naturally puts over the egg. And this bloom is different colours depending on the breed! Sort of like different eye colours for a human!