Cultivating community while growing nutrient-dense food and regenerating the soil for generations to come. 

Growing with heart and soil in Milverton, Ontario

We are producers of organic vegetables, microgreens, edible flowers, herbs, and salad greens. We are passionate about nutrient-dense food - grown locally and the way nature intended. A family-owned and operated farm focused on creating a sustainable solution for our future. 

We strive to reconnect as a community and be intentional to create something better, together. 


A return to traditions means being social with one another, and connecting while working towards a goal. This is an important value at Aroma Acres. With humankind as well as all creatures on this earth. 


Creating nutrient-dense food and build a connection to our food source, all while creating independance from the grocery store and supply chain.


Planting for the future. We follow organic growing practices as well as no-till methods to maintain the soil structure.

 Aroma Acres is located just outside of Milverton, Ontario.